Exploring Carbon Reduction through Tales of Vision, chance and Determination: Developing Learning Histories in an Inter-organisational Context

Submitted by Margaret Gearty for the degree of PhD at the University of Bath 2009.

Copyright: Attention is drawn to the fact that copyright of this thesis rests with the author.

This copy of the thesis has been supplied on condition that anyone who consults it is understood to recognise that copyright rests with its author and than no quotation from the thesis and no information derived from it may be published without the prior written consent of the author.

This thesis may be made available for consultation within the Bath University Library and may be photocopied or sent to other libraries for the purposes of consultation.


Contents and Preface - pdf (445kb)

Beginnings - pdf (1.25MB)

Gateway of Experience - pdf (835kb)
The Merton Rule Learning History - pdf (3.6MB)

Part I - The field of inquiry and action - pdf (1.46MB)
Questions of Theory and Purpose - pdf (2.17MB)
Questions of Method - pdf (2.6MB)
Questions of Scope and Form  - pdf (2MB)
Questions of Quality - pdf (412kb)

Part II - Reflecting in the field  
Questions of Participation and Perspective  - pdf (1MB)
Questions of Learning History: Wittgenstein’s Ladder or Trojan horse? - pdf (2.32MB)
Questions of Myth and Form
- pdf (2.25MB)

Part III – Leaving the field  Bridging: From Story to Analysis  - pdf (675kb)
Questions about Innovation - pdf (1.16MB)
Questions about Theory in Practice - pdf (2.89MB)
Questions about Theory in Theory - pdf (1.61MB)
Questions about the Postheroine - pdf (854kb)
Endings - pdf (154kb)

Afterwords - pdf (578kb)

Bibliography & Appendices

Bibliography - pdf (115kb)
Appendices - pdf (781kb)

The Nottingham Declaration Learning History - pdf (1.71MB)
The Barnsley Biomass Learning History - pdf (1.56MB)
The Kirklees Solar Energy Learning History - pdf (1.2MB)
The Southampton Geothermal District Energy Learning History - pdf (1.84MB)

*Note appendix F (Digital Story of the Learning History Workshop) is not available online


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