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People came to the Centre for Action Research in Professional Practice (CARPP) at the University of Bath School of Management to do wonderfully innovative PhDs, developing action research through their work.

Below is a small selection of those PhDs (in date order):

(2009) Margaret Gearty: Exploring Carbon Reduction through Tales of Vision, chance and Determination: Developing Learning Histories in an Inter-organisational Context.


(2007) Rob Farrands: Excitement, bewilderment and emergence: exploring a life world through writing as first person inquiry.

        For Robís current activities, please see: http://www.figure-ground.co.uk/


(2007) Chris Seeley: Wild Margins playing at work and life.


(2004) Sue Porter: Learning to Listen: developing a mindful and crafty facilitation practice.


(2004) Kathleen King: Relational Practice in Organization Consulting.

        For some of Kathleenís current activities, please see: http://www.ashridge.org.uk/website/content.nsf/wDEG/Doctorate+in+Organisational+Change?opendocument


(2001) Margaret Page: Feminist Collaboration: Relationships between Women across Political, Business and Intersubjective Worlds.

        For Margaretís current activities, please see: http://bbs-staff.uwe.ac.uk/public/profile.aspx?username=m4-page


A fuller listing of CARPP PhDs is available at: http://people.bath.ac.uk/mnspwr/doc_theses_links/index.html [accessed 27 April 2019]


updated: 20190427